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This year's edition of MCEB is special as it will take place in Switzerland, unlike previous editions of that conference that alternated between Montpellier's backcountry and Porquerolles island. We will cover several scientific themes, focusing mainly on cancer evolution, phylodynamics, phylogenomics and mathematical phylogenetics. In particular, we will see how new models and algorithms deal with the huge amount of genetic data available nowadays in order to improve our understanding of the mechanisms governing evolution at multiple scales.

Beyond this year’s themes, general concepts, models, methods and algorithms will be presented and discussed, just as in the previous editions of MCEB. As usual, the meeting will bring together researchers originating from various disciplines: mathematics, computer science, phylogenetics, population genetics, epidemiology,ecological modeling ... Keynote speakers will introduce a field of research and discuss their own work in this field (see below). Afternoon will be for short presentations and posters, with plenty of time for  discussions. We will stop early every day, thus leaving time for other activities, such as hiking.



Essential information :

  • Place: Hôtel Roc & Neige, Château d'Oex, Switzerland
  • Dates: June 26-30 2022. The conference will begin Sunday evening with an aperitif and dinner, and will end at about 2pm on Thursday.
  • Fees: Around 550€ (Includes accommodation for four nights, meals, coffee breaks, etc.).
  • Deadline for submission : April 15
  • Deadline for inscription : May 5

Chateau d'Oex is easily accessible from the main Swiss and European cities by train. All information on schedules and prices can be found at, including schedules from outside of Switzerland. The closest airport is Geneva (2h41 train ride), while Zurich airport offers more direct intercontinental flights. We do not recommend taking a taxi for any part of the travel, as Swiss public transport is very efficient, Swiss taxis are extremely costly, and we will not be able to help with the cost of taxi fare under any conditions.



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